We Love The Planet Plastic Free Deodorant Tube

We Love The Planet Plastic Free Deodorant Tube

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  • 100% Natural (certified) deodorant stick
  • Highly effective; maximum protection against odour development because of the sodium bicarbonate

Ditch white marks and horrible chemical discomfort with a more natural underarm deodorant.  This deodorant stick helps to keep you fresh the natural way; free from parabens, microbeads and other harsh chemicals. 

 We Love The Planet deodorant sticks don’t clog the pores, so you can feel comfortable throughout the day while fighting off body odour. Your skin is left smooth and velvety soft, while keeping your skin moisturised.

Biodegradable formula – suitable for septic tanks
Vegetarian product – certified cruelty free
Free from microbeads, SLS, parabens, triclosan, phthalates and palm oil

Packaged in plastic-free tube

The deodorant sticks of We Love The Planet are easy to apply and feel very comfortable on the skin. The packaging is a Cardboard tube (100% paper) zero waste.