Vitamin D Nature's Answer

Vitamin D Nature's Answer

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Nature`s Answer Vitamin D3 Drops in Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a dietary supplement that is vital to health and well-being.

Vitamin D is called the "Sunshine Vitamin" because it is produced naturally by the body after exposure to 20 min - 1/2 hour of sunlight. Many people develop deficiencies due to lack of sun exposure, living in cold climates, and other reasons.

Vitamin D is most well known for its contribution to joint and bone health by helping the body absorb calcium. It is especially important to maintain adequate Vitamin D levels in children, as we age, and when we are under stress.

As a dietary supplement take two drops daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. May be mixed with food or liquids, such as water or juice.

Other Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil.
Nature's Answer Vitamin D3 drops 4000iu 15ml

Free of: Salt, Wheat, Corn, Soy, Yeast, sugar, Milk, Preservative.