Antipodes Delight Hand & Body Cream 120ml includes free samples

Antipodes Delight Hand & Body Cream 120ml includes free samples

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Antipodes Delight Hand & Body Cream 

Suited to most skin conditions. Escape the everyday with this high-performance creamy moisturiser with a sweet fragrance of vintage gardenia that will lift you to holiday dreams and make your spirit sing.

Silky macadamia nut oil hydrates and leaves your skin cushiony smooth. Marigold flower oil helps soften the most parched areas, and revolutionary Vinanza Grape will free your skin from dryness. The perfect all-over cream for most skin conditions.

Antipodes Delight Hand & Body Cream Elements of Beauty: 

Avocado oil: Oil from the super-food avocado pear is a nutrient-rich skin moisturiser and conditioner. Naturally extracted from avocados in the subtropical north of Aotearoa New Zealand, the superior organic avocado oil Antipodes favour as their carrier oil is of some of the world's best. ANTI-AGEING: Collagen-boosting properties of avocado oil help prevent premature ageing. NUTRIENT-RICH: Deliver the benefits of everyday nutrients to your skin with potent levels of Vitamins A, B1, B2 and D, as well as Omegas 3 and 9. ABUNDANT IN ANTIOXIDANTS: A high chlorophyll and Vitamin E content mean dazzling emerald green avocado oil contains antioxidant properties with a remarkable ability to collect and neutralise the free radicals that can contribute to premature ageing. A NATURAL SUN FILTER: The component lutein absorbs and filters UV light, offering additional sun protection from nature. REGENERATING & REJUVENATING: We can thank avocado oil’s high levels of plant compounds called phytosterols to rejuvenate tired and stressed skin, as well as reduce the appearance of age spots, sun damage and unsightly scars. SUPER-HYDRATING: Avocado oil helps to leave your skin soft, dewy and plumped in appearance because it protects against water loss and increases the surface lipids. Lecithin, a natural humectant, keeps your skin beautifully moist.

Macadamia Nut: The oil extracted from macadamia nuts is prized for containing an impressive 22% of palmitoleic acid, an omega that decreases in skin as we age. This makes it the perfect ingredient for dry, mature skins. It also possesses the ability to moisturise deeply.

Vinanza Grape: Extraordinary results from independent clinical trials show revolutionary new antioxidant extract Vinanza Grape improves elasticity and firmness in the skin by 16%*. Its many beauty benefits include assisting your skin with hydrating, smoothing and firming, as well as preventing moisture loss. For your skin it is also anti-wrinkle, healing and hydrating, smoothing and firming, antibacterial and astringent. * Independent Study by New Zealand Extracts.

Antipodes Delight Hand & Body Cream pure plant fragrance: Vintage Gardenia.

Suitable for Vegetarians. 

Size: 120ml