Aromatheraphy Diffuser Stone

Aromatheraphy Diffuser Stone

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A beautiful aroma stone that requires no electricity or flame to use. Safe for use in any room in the house, including the nursery. 

The 6.8cm wide-diameter aluminium tin safely stores the plaster aromatherapy stone. To use remove the lid and gently pour 5 - 10 drops of your favourite essential oils on to the stone and allow to absorb. The oils will then slowly diffuse into the air. For best results use in an area with a slight breeze to allow the air to circulate, such as near a door or window. When the aroma is not required, replace the lid on the tin. Top up with oil as required. 

★ Eco-friendly

★ Safe for use with no flame or electricity

★ Compact design - great for travelling

★ Use on the go or at home

★ Compatible with pure essential oils and diffuser oils

★ Washable - allow the stone to dry before using a new oil 

★ Quality product - high-quality recyclable tin

Great for moving from room to room or another location and perfect for travelling. Great for when babies and children stay in unfamiliar surroundings as you can bring the reassuring smells of home with you. 

Keep out of reach of children. Safety information leaflet supplied with the product.